Carlos A. Pittella

I am a Latinx poet. Born & raised on the traditional lands of the Tupi, Guarani, & Goitacá (Rio de Janeiro), I live in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal with a pile of accents & expired passports,  both Brazilian & Italian.

My writing is haunted by borders & bureaucracies. I also research neglected poetry archives & the performance of lyric selves.


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he/him | Pronunciation: ˈKaʁ.luʃ A. Pē.ˈtɛ.la

recent poems {online}

The death of Jean Charles de Menezes. Frontier (Global Poetry Prize), 2023

How to feel kindly toward the tornado. Radar, 2023

Groundswell. Acentos, 2023

Borderspell. HAD, 2023

Aristotle for Dummies & Lead Ecology. HAD, 2022

From the Latin biber. Moist, 2022

Deer family. FERAL, 2022

Your full name won’t fit the form. Tint, 2021

The analog who broke the camel’s lap-top. VS Podcast, 2020 [24:19]

recent poems {print}

Shame! & Ah the masters of bureaucracy. LBRNTH, 2023 [info]

from DANTE'S BUREAU, Infernal Customs. The Capilano Review, 2023 [info]

Colloquium on trust. Soliloquies #27.2 (Ars Poetica Contest), 2023  [info]

prose on poetry

“Robert Frost never tried a Deep’n Delicious cake”: An Interview with Melanie Power. The Ex-Puritan, 2023. HTML

Fernando Pessoas sonnets—dislocations in form, persona and language. Migration and Mutation—New Perspectives on the Sonnet in Translation, 2023. ISBN: 9781501380464

‘We’ the people: collective lyric self in twenty-first-century poetry. Jacket2, 2022. HTML & DOI: 10.17613/h86j-bs19

"Marino," a tragedy, part 2 — More fragments and dramatis personae. Pessoa Plural, 2021. DOI: 10.26300/ndtv-jx55

Review of Safia Elhillos Home is Not a Country. Rain Taxi, 2022. HTML

Research papers available at ORCID, Google Scholar, & Humanities Commons

edited vols.

Headlight Anthology, no. 24. Concordia, 2023.

Jennings’s biography of Pessoa, The Poet with Many Faces. Tinta-da-China, 2019.

Pessoa’s Fausto (critical edition). Tinta-da-China, 2018.

Pessoa Plural, no. 8 (Special Jennings Issue). Brown/Andes/Warwick, 2015. 


After a life in Portuguese, I studied English & Creative Writing at Concordia’s MA program, while RAing for SpokenWeb & co-editing Headlight Anthology. In 2020–2021, I worked as an assistant researcher for the University of Lisbon’s Centre for Theatre Studies (CET/FLUL), editing Pessoa’s unpublished English dramas. From 2016 to 2019, I was a postdoc associate at Brown, researching the Hubert Jennings papers & leading the Journals@BDR open-access pilot.  In 2015-2016, as a CET/FLUL research fellow, I led the print & digital editions of Pessoas Fausto. Besides an MA in English/CreWri from Concordia (2023), I hold a PhD in Literary Studies from PUC-Rio, advised by Cleonice Berardinelli, with a thesis on Pessoa’s sonnets (2012).  I also hold an MA in Literary Studies (2008) & a BA in Journalism (2005), both from PUC-Rio.  I have been involved in transdisciplinary projects inside & outside academia, such as facilitating the creation of integrated curriculum (GCE Chicago Lab School) & coordinating a nonprofit dedicated to ecological education (the late One to Trees).


I may or may not hold the record of altitude ukulele with half gloves!

In 2014-2015, I tried to go from Portugal to India by land, which took 9 months & led me to Nepal instead.  I visited the breathtaking Langtang region right before the 2015 earthquake, & fell in love with the Tibetan Mani Wall inscriptions, for which I would love to see a digital archive one day (the ukulele video was taken on the top of Kyanjin Ri 1).