Carlos A. Pittella


Born in Rio de Janeiro, I'm a Latinx Brazilian poet with Italian-Lebanese-Portuguese roots who writes in English & in Portuguese. Since July 2020, I have worked as an assistant researcher at the Centre for Theatre Studies of the University of Lisbon (CET/FLUL), preparing the critical edition of Fernando Pessoa's English drama. My research is in neglected modernist archives & in the performance of the lyrical self as a dramatic persona. In my own poetry, I am invested in complex allegiances to intermingled cultures & in how language soundscapes may be overdubbed to represent displacement & endurance.


From Nov. 2016 to Jun. 2019, I worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the Dept. of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies (POBS) at Brown University, researching the archives of Hubert Jennings and Fernando Pessoa, as well as leading the Journals@BDR open-access pilot. During the academic year 2015-2016, I was a research fellow with the Centre for Theatre Studies (CET/FLUL) at the University of Lisbon, working on both the print and digital editions of Pessoa's Fausto. I hold a PhD in Literary Studies (2012) from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), advised by Cleonice Berardinelli. I also have an MA in Literary Studies (2008) and a BA in Communications, with a specialization in Journalism (2005), both from PUC-Rio. Since 2015, I have been a member of the editorial board of Pessoa Plural—A Journal of Fernando Pessoa Studies. I have been involved in transdisciplinary projects inside and outside academia, such as facilitating the creation of integrated curriculum (GCE Chicago Lab School), coordinating a non-profit dedicated to ecological education (One to Trees), and training a team of translators (Rational Services).

some poetry

(2021). Your full name won't fit the form. Tint Journal.

(2020). The Analog Who Broke the Camel's Lap-top. Vs Podcast, "You vs. the Prompts" episode [at 24:19].

(2019). Da Gramática que Não se Comporta.* Revista 7faces, 19, 75–82.

(2019). Da Brasa.* Brasil/Brazil, 32(59), 136–40.

(2018). A Cabeça & o Corpo de Pittella Leite.* Opiniães, 13, 158–60.

(2018). Ode à Água* [music by Sônia Ribeiro & Lucina]. Bate Antena, 13(3).

(2013). Tríptico.* Plástico Bolha, 34, 4.

(2005). Civilizações Volume Dois* [excerpts]. Palimage. ISBN: 978-9-72-857587-8

*In Portuguese

research publications

My Ph.D. thesis is here [in Portuguese].

(2019). Edition of Fernando Pessoa, The Poet with Many Faces, written by Hubert Jennings. Tinta-da-China. ISBN: 978-989-671-477-2

(2018). Critical edition of Fernando Pessoa's Fausto. Tinta-da-China. ISBN: 978-989-20-5994-5

(2017, with J. Pizarro). Como Fernando Pessoa pode mudar a sua vida. Tinta-da-China. ISBN: 978-989-671-358-4

some papers/reviews

(2021). Review of Anuja Ghimire's Kathmandu (Unsolicited Press, 2020). Rain Taxi.

(2021). Marino, a tragedy, part 2—More fragments and dramatis personae. Pessoa Plural, 19.

(2018). Chamberlain, Kitchener, Kropotkine—and the political Pessoa. Inside the Mask.

(2017). Sonnet 101 with Prof. Pessoa: Fernando Pessoa’s Marginalia on an Anthology of 19th-Century English Sonnets. Pessoa Plural, 11.

(2017). Eccentricities: Outlying poems that reconstruct the modern city. Dearq, 21.

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events, guest talks, travels...

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In 2014-2015, I tried to go from Portugal to India by land, which took 9 months and led me to Nepal instead. I visited the breathtaking Langtang region right before the 2015 earthquake, and fell in love with the Tibetan Mani Wall inscriptions, for which I would love to create a digital archive one day (the photo atop this page is from Langtang).

ps.: I may hold the record of altitude ukulele with half gloves. :)